Agent Testimonials

Dear Shawnacy,

Thank you so much for helping me out on this one.  I was going back and forth with the wholesale underwriter trying to figure why she countered the loan.  Once I got to the bottom of it, I was able to show her that her numbers were not correct, and she agreed to make the changes.  That was earlier in the day.  I just happened to check the updated LE that was emailed to the borrower and to my dismay no changes had been made. It was still incorrect, and it was ugly.

The underwriter was gone for the day, so I immediately sent an email to you asking for your help before the borrower accessed the updated LE.  You got involved and I got a call within the hour expediting a new, and most importantly, corrected LE.  That would never have happened without your involvement, so again thank you!

Have a great evening,”

Cate Pacheco, Loan Officer


“I couldn’t be happier with Excel Realty.  I’ve worked for the larger corporate brokers and then a small 2-person brokerage and can honestly say I have no reason to ever change again.  Excel Realty allows me to focus on my business at my pace and allows me to work from my home office while still giving me one of the best locations in our downtown Pleasanton office to meet with clients as needed.  I will say that my broker Shawnacy Nauroth has exceeded my expectations and is always available to assist me in dealing with those bizarre circumstances that seem to be common place in this crazy market we’ve been in.  He’s supportive of helping me grow my business and has taken the time to sit down and strategize the best business plan for me.  Aside from all of this, the best part of all is Excel Realty as a brokerage allows you to earn at your fullest potential from day 1 and I APPRECIATE that the most!”

Ashli Hudson, REALTOR®


“Excel Realty has allowed me to be more productive and increase my revenue. Shawnacy’s attention to detail coupled with his business structure make for a great and profitable environment. I highly recommend this brokerage to anyone who wants to excel in their real estate career”

Bruno Lombardo, Senior Mortgage Consultant


“Excel Realty offers us the best of all worlds. As experienced agents, we don’t need a lot of hand holding and prefer working from our home offices. We are able to maximize our income in all types of markets. Excel Realty offers the best splits available anywhere in the industry. There are no desk or franchise fees whatsoever and we get to keep what we earn. Our broker, Shawnacy, really knows his stuff, he is always available when we seek his opinion or need advice. We truly feel like we’ve found the perfect real estate situation for us. We can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Joan Budne & Ted Elwell, REALTORS® formerly with Re/Max Accord

“Excel Realty and Mortgage provides opportunities beyond my expectations to utilize my strengths and talents. Excel encourages their agents to be creative and approachable. It is such a relief to work for a mentor I believe in, and amongst peers who are passionate about their work. We are one team always learning from each other and enjoying while doing so. My colleagues here are fun and friendly, and I feel a sense of belonging to the Excel family.”

Louisa Bortoli, REALTOR®


“When I interviewed with the Broker/Owner Shawnacy Nauroth I was able to see for myself what a great personality he has, which helped me better understand Excel Realty as a company. He is patient, flexible, business savvy and simply just a great guy! I feel a wonderful sense of independence at Excel Realty and at the same time, even though I have 12 years of experience in the business, Excel Realty’s staff is always available to support me in any way.”

Robert Miller, REALTOR®


“I love Excel Realty, the broker is always available and the company is structured to make the agents succeed and not present obstacles. I’m so thankful for making the jump to this exciting, elite, full service company”

Jamil Niazi, REALTOR®

“My experience working with Excel Realty has been really wonderful. Excel gives me the freedom to run my own business and just enough support to know that I won’t fail. I love the flexibility I have. I can pursue real estate sales and / or manage mortgage loans for my clients, all with a low flat rate per transaction. Excel’s business approach with its agents is warm and inviting. I strongly recommend, especially if you work with a large national agency, to consider moving over to a locally focused boutique environment, where you have more control over the success of your real estate business”.

David Gagne, REALTOR®


 “Before I became a part of Excel Realty, I researched and considered many brokerages in the area.  I am very happy with my decision to work with such a strong group of professionals.  For me, the combination of the experienced leadership, relaxed attitude, ability to do loans and agressive commision structure made my choice easy!  Thank you John!”

Mike Morris, REALTOR®


 “Great broker response! A great and informative website where basically you can download most of the information needed. I can go on listing presentations with the advantages of working for this brokerage”.

Maya Singh, REALTOR®


“I thik it is benefical to have a Broker that is hands on…one who makes sure that you have all of the essential materials for doing your job. This includes one on one training, real estate updates, etc. I have only been with Excel for a few months, but I look forward to a long standing relationship with the company”.

Shanee Hawkins, REALTOR®


“Thank you for welcoming me into the family of Excel Realty & Mortgage. This is by far the best move I made. The support and encouragement is amazing, and I’m delighted to be a part of your phenomenal growth”.

Murad Khan, REALTOR®


“I’m glad that I joined Excel Realty. My broker is very generous and supportive”.

Shanon Pham, REALTOR®


“After doing some searching, I have found Excel Realty and Mortgage to be the ideal professional organization with the integrity, support, and flexibility that allow me to pursue my individual business plan.”

Brandon Bowers, REALTOR®


“Excel Realty and Mortgage is just the company I’ve been looking for. The support is there when I need it, and the opportunity to do mortgages as well is great. Paying a low flat fee rather than a large piece of my commission allows me to be more competitive with my commission rate and buyer incentives.  I was able to make a quick start with Excel without a long list of additional hidden fees that other companies charge to do business with them.”

Michael B. Moeller, REALTOR®


“I’m relatively new to the Real Estate industry but have worked with three different companies before coming to Excel Realty & Mortgage.  What I find at Excel, are proven professionals who continue to thrive in real estate regardless of the market conditions. My goal is to go from part-time to full-time in real estate. I believe that I can do it with Excel!”

Michael Mitchell, REALTOR®


“I appreciate the simplicity of the pay structure. No hidden “unknowns” to jump out and bite us after we signed on. I appreciate the broker John Robison.  He has been available when I needed questions answered or to discuss matters.  John has displayed honesty and integrity which is rare in these times.  Excel Realty and Mortgage is a great company to work with. In my mind the “Excel” is short for “Excellent”. “

Anita Ursua, REALTOR®

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